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certified coach through the Life coach school

Kaitlyn Flake

Kaitlyn Flake

Hey!  I am Kaitlyn. I am a wife to one and mother to four beautiful, adopted children.  I live in a small town in Northern Arizona.  I am passionately obsessed with helping busy Moms feel more centered, connected, and awesome.  My driving force in life is connection.  I have seen this theme of connection throughout my years teaching 3rd grade, my church assignments, owning multiple small  businesses, and my family and social interactions.  I love getting to know people and believe that learning the stories and life lessons of others is key to ending ignorance and hate.  I love the beach, learning about people, pizza, and reading to my kids.

Working with Kaitlyn

I charge $65/ session for one-off half hour sessions, or monthly subscription options: $120/month for 2 sessions or $200/month for 4 sessions

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