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Julie Cosgrove

Relationships are both amazing and messy. Adding trauma to the equation can make it even more messy, more difficult, and more painful than we imagined it would be. Focusing on what’s within your control is the key to creating healthy, resilient relationships. It will help you bounce back as the creator, the hero, not the victim of your life. YOU are the one needed to pave the way, develop necessary skills, and make the changes you want to see in your relationships. Waiting for someone else to change will only leave you feeling powerless and helpless sitting back not making the essential changes within yourself. You will learn how to use your trauma, the difficulties you’ve experienced, and all you have learned as a result, to create a strong foundation for ALL of your relationships.

Resilience is a skill you can develop within your relationships and it starts with your relationship with YOU. I will help you develop those skills to become your own safe harbor. You will learn the skills of creating self confidence, showing up for yourself, and having your own back. We will discover what you truly want in your relationships and how to meet your wants and needs in a healthy way. I will help you disrupt your side of unhealthy patterns and replace unhealthy coping skills like people pleasing and codependency with new healthy skills like setting boundaries and creating emotional resiliency.

We spend a lot of time on our relationships in our heads. When we create resilience, we bounce back more quickly and create safety and peace within us no matter what we are facing in our relationships. We do this by focusing on what we CAN control to create the change we want. This may include relationships you choose to let go. As you do this work and come to see your inner wisdom more clearly, you know what decisions are best for you. You will learn to let LOVE drive you instead of fear.

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