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Joey Mascio

I help teens stop feeling like a sidekick and become who they were born to be… a hero!

A sidekick is someone who wants to do more, to BE more, but they feel like they can’t due to various reasons out of their control.

A hero is someone who is in control of their destiny despite their circumstances and their failures.

I help teens go from sidekick to hero in the following HERO arenas:

  • Headspace: improving their mindset
  • Emotions: managing their feelings
  • Relationships: building their social skills
  • Objectives: reaching their goals

I package the powerful life coaching strategies and teachings that adults love in a way that teens will actually use: a gamified app!

I’m certified through the Life Coach School, trained by Jody Moore, have my masters in education and worked as a middle school teacher for seven years, four of which in the discipline office coaching and counseling students.

Working with Joey

I have a few different options for your teen to get 1:1 coaching with me, including my uber-affordable and very casual “Drop-In Coaching.” I also run Sidekick to Hero, a $20/month coaching membership ran through a web-based app (no smart phone needed). Teens play through arenas, stages, and real life challenges that teach them life coaching skills. There are weekly livestreams, virtual hangouts, the option to add private coaching, and a great community of teens! Visit www.joeymascio.com for all my latest things!

Connect with Joey