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Jody Lyons

Jody Lyons

I help moms without moms navigate marriage and motherhood. I can help you heal from the loss, release the trauma, and build healthy relationships with those you love. There is life after loss. I promise! 


Are you trying to raise righteous children in the midst of your own pain from loss and grief? Do you spend most of your days surviving, going through the motions, but feeling numb? Are you lonely in your own house full of your own family?


My mother passed away suddenly when I was 9 years old. Then my stepmom passed away when I had 3 young children. Loss is real. Loss is tricky. And loss of your anchor relationship feels impossible to bear. 


I’ve got you. I feel your pain. I’ve been where you are. And there is hope.  I’ve helped so many women process their past traumas and losses. It’s easier than you think. 

  • You can have joy in your everyday life. 
  • You can be present without anxiety and worry. 
  • You can learn to trust your own instincts and raise yourself, right along the side of raising your family. 
  • You can finally feel like you belong.

Working with Jody

I offer a 12 week one on one program to help you process your loss once and for all and get on with your life. I teach you how to be your own best friend. I teach you how to release the pain and embrace the joy.

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