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Jody Long

So many women are overwhelmed by their “busy brains” or any number of challenges that they feel sets them apart. Challenges like ADHD, anxiety, depression, chronic illness or any number of differences that leave them feeling like they’ll never be good enough or fit into the ideal LDS mold.

As a wife, mom of three, and someone with ADHD, depression and an autoimmune disease, I understand completely. I want every woman to know that THERE IS NO MOLD and that what sets them apart is part of their spiritual genius.

I teach simple, powerful tools that help women unlearn harmful conditioning, overcome limiting beliefs, find hope, and create results they never thought possible.

Working with Jody

I offer a 12 week “Firm Foundation” program with weekly one-on-one sessions, private access to online content, and digital and hard copies of my signature “Firm Foundation” guidebook.

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