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Jille Dunsmore

Jille Dunsmore

I’m Jille, an Advanced Certified Life, Weight & Mindset Coach and founder of Become HER, my private coaching program that helps women become Healthy, Empowered and Released!

I help women heal years of emotional eating and sugar & carb addiction through a powerful combination of nutrition, mindset and tons of love.

After struggling with carb addiction, sugar binges, emotional eating and body image issues for over 30 YEARS, I finally uncovered the missing pieces to heal my body and heal my soul.

Our body, mind and spirit are so connected that we can’t harm one without affecting the others…even if we can’t see it. But the beautiful news is when we begin to heal one, the others grow stronger too.

In Become HER, you’ll build a healthy relationship with food, a loving relationship with your body and a powerful relationship with yourself. You’ll learn how to eat all the foods in your life with balance, freedom and peace…and we have a lot of fun doing it!

Working with Jille

I offer a 12 week private, one-on-one Coaching Program, Become HER, where we meet once a week for 50 minute calls on Zoom, supported by learning videos & deep-dive worksheets in between.

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