Jenny Byam

I am Jenny and I am a parent of a trans gender son.
3 years ago when my son first came out as “not straight” we started down a path that left me feeling confused, overwhelmed and that everything I did as a parent was wrong. I found the right people that could help me organize and understand my thoughts and learn to control how they were making me feel for both me and my son.
It wasn’t easy and it didn’t happen overnight but I started to become the parent I wanted to be and the one my son needed.
Today I have a wonderful life, my husband and I live on a small hobby farm with ostriches, pigs, ducks, chickens. We have a great trans kid and his beautiful sister who comes to visit (and do her laundry).

Working with Jenny

I offer 8 sessions for parent or LGBTQ+ teens. Parents and teens working on all things LGBTQ+

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