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Jennie Dildine

Jennie Dildine

How has your Last Transfer Been… the one where you came home from your mission?

Coming home from a Mission can be a big change. But this change doesn’t need to leave a missionary questioning their ability to make decisions, to feel the spirit, or their continued value.  There is definitely a better way!!

As a Certified Life Coach and mother of two missionaries, I realized that I had worked nineteen years to prepare my sons for a mission… but, had not really prepared them to come home from a mission. 

Since then, I have made it MY mission to make sure that every RM has the support they need.

With the tools I teach, young adults learn to easily navigate the process of coming home, learn to manage emotions of anxiety and overwhelm, enjoy rediscovering their purpose, and use their mission as a springboard for the amazing future they want to create.

It is entirely possible for a missionary’s Last Transfer… the one where they come home from their mission, to be the best transfer of their entire life.  And I can show you how.

Working with Jennie

I offer a seven week, one-on-one Coaching Program: The Last Transfer – How to Transition Home with Purpose. Stop being at the mercy of your experience and learn to intentionally embrace the process of coming home from your mission.

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