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Jane Copier

Jane Copier, The Empty Nest Coach for Women.

Sisters, how I love you! Our life experience is everything, and as we move into mid-life, some of us find ourselves feeling restless, bored, and unfulfilled. We might start questioning our life choices and feel a huge sense of loss and purpose. And although it may feel like a crisis at times, this is actually an important time of evolution, – an opportunity for massive personal growth and joy. It is the honor of my life to help women step into their divine identity, find their new purpose, re-define their roles, strengthen their faith, and really THRIVE in the second half of life. I’d love for you to join us.

How to work with Jane: My Empty Nest Academy is the perfect cross-training environment to help you build your mental and emotional muscles! A haven for weekly coaching, instruction, and connecting with the most loving and supportive sisterhood on earth. Come see what’s next for you, and find fresh enthusiasm for the road ahead! You’ll feel more secure and joyful than ever before, as you learn to love and create, the way that our Heavenly Parents intended us to.

I also offer a limited number of private coaching packages. This is a six-month commitment and is fully customized to meet the needs of each client.

Working with Jane

Empty Nest Academy for Women, Private Coaching.

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