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Jackie Swainson

Jackie Swainson

My coaching program is called, “Redefine & Thrive: Crafting Habits, shifting Patterns, Transforming Beliefs.”As women we experience so many changes in our lives. We have different roles at different stages in our work, home life and our personal relationships. We also experience many physical, emotional, hormonal and societal changes, and we often reach our 50’s a bit unprepared and too tired to enjoy the next phase of our life. We are afraid of the coming changes and we put up obstacles or barriers to try and protect ourselves from disappointment, hurt or harm. In a world obsessed with looking like you are never older than 30, we accept the message that we are in a somewhat undesirable stage of change. I do not believe this message that the world gives us. Not at all! I will help you on your journey to the greatest part of your life as you become the woman you want to be and that God wants and needs you to be.

Working with Jackie

I like to connect via Zoom in order to really connect with my clients. I offer a series of 10 45 minute sessions to work through what you need to be who you desire to be.

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