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Jackie Swainson

Jackie Swainson

I have been actively serving women and families for over 30 years on my journey of leadership. I have worked with youth, families, women and men and in the addiction and recovery world and I have learned and loved every experience. I am a woman of a “certain age”, as my grandmother would say and I have been through many stages, roles and phases and I know they have all prepared me to serve in a deeper way. I see every experience as an opportunity and a blessing to grow and this is a hard won victory. At one point the person I saw in the mirror was not the person I wanted to be but with lots of work and the help of the Lord, I am. I live in Central Alberta, Canada and we have our own piece of paradise.
I have lived with an anxiety disorder that has at times really crippled me emotionally, but now I know how to overcome that state and I believe that all of these experiences that I have had have been to prepare me to serve you.

Working with Jackie

I offer 6-12 sessions designed especially for those I serve. I work mostly with women 50+, those struggling with anxiety and addictions and help them create new patterns of thought and beliefs.

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