Heidi Benjaminsen

A confident mother is the greatest gift to her family!

We invest thousands of dollars for coaches, tutors and therapists for our children as mental health issues have skyrocketed.  Our parents didn’t have to deal with this – this is our time to step up and confidently navigate new waters.  Most mothers are looking to others for answers to their teen’s emotional problems and desperately want to do the right thing.

Heidi expertly guides her clients to discover how to create the validation, confidence and acceptance their children NEED their mothers to have.  Quickly Heidi’s clients learn how to stay calm as their teens get angry, they show up confident in their decisions, and feel happier.  Heidi’s clients learn how to replace worry and fear with peace and hope.

Listen to Heidi’s podcast – Confidence Coaching with Heidi Benjaminsen – to learn tools and tips to stay off the emotional rollercoaster your teen invites you on everyday!

Let your child see you investing in you.

Working with Heidi

I offer a 6 month program with private, individualized 1:1 weekly coaching.

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