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Heather Rasband

Heather Rasband

A few years ago, I was often frustrated and resentful about my life. It wasn’t as fulfilling or as fun as I thought it would be. And I definitely didn’t feel like I was living the plan of happiness my Heavenly Father had intended for me to experience here on earth.

I have studied psychology, physiology, biology, anatomy, and human behavior over the years, but what has helped me the most to overcome my challenges are the tools I use as a life coach.

As a certified Life Coach, I learned to see life from a new perspective. How to be less stressed out as a mom, even with three teenagers, how to love and enjoy my husband for who he is, and I even learned how to love myself, flaws included. I also gained new insights into the gospel and how I could better live a Christ-centered life without feeling judged, judgemental, or unworthy.

I couldn’t be more excited about the work I get to do with my clients every day. Together, we are changing the direction of their lives.

Working with Heather

I work with women 1:1 via Zoom. We meet weekly for 30 minutes.

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