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certified coach

Heather Condiff

Heather Condiff


I have been so blessed with 4 wonderful children – now grown – but who all have special needs in some way. I have learned how to manage life with my loved ones with autism, anxiety, bipolar, depression, asperger’s and more!

We all want to love, parent, be present, and have meaningful relationships regardless of the circumstances, right? I strive to live in a feeling of taking joy in the journey and to come what may – and love it! Although it can be hard, I have found wonderful tools to help me and I would love to show you as well!

In these times it is more important than ever to be able to combat the struggles that our children and loved ones face with love and compassion. Now with my children as adults, I can say that having the right tools to help myself as well as those I love is vital! It has enhanced and strengthened all of my relationships without a doubt! I can show you how! I can help you through!

Working with Heather

I offer a 6 month personalized program of weekly private one-on-one coaching with the option to extend at the end of the program.

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