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Glenn Lovelace

Glenn Lovelace

There is a lot riding on you as a man today. I feel it and I know you do too. The irony is that we’ve never been men before…with each season of life and as circumstances in the world quickly evolve, we as men need to step it up and the #1 thing we as men control is ourselves. It all starts with you.

My wife Amber and I married in 2004. We have a small bus full of rad kids. We’ve experienced some really hard times over 20 years and we’ve had some beautiful seasons too.

I started coaching in the business space back in 2008. After winning $100k in a body transformation contest I added health to my business. I have personally had to do a lot of work on myself in my marriage. This work has forged the man I am now.

I’ve coached over 3,000 one on one clients in health, marriage, business and all that comes with life. I love the unreal results coaching has created in my life. BUT what I love even more is how my clients have created even more wild results from coaching.

Working with Glenn

If you need a community I have one. I also offer one on one coaching, a podcast, courses and programs. I have meet ups, connections and retreats for getting out, doing our work and networking.

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