Emily Wardrop

You will believe that you ARE a Good Mom. 

Be your own parenting expert by following the guidance of the Holy Ghost and trusting yourself and your Heavenly Parents. They gave you these children for a reason and you are the exact parent your kids need. 

We will define what kind of Mom you want to be exactly. You get to follow your own rules, not what anyone else expects of you. And then we will get you there. 

We will learn how to use self compassion and grace to accept where you are and then get to where you want to be. 

We will “Drop the War” on Mom Guilt so that you can create more Peace in your Parenting to enjoy yourself and your kids! 

We can learn to Drop the power struggle War with your kids.

And we for sure will Drop the War in your own head between your higher and lower brain.

You can enjoy the Peace the gospel brings through the Prince of Peace Himself. 

We will combine gospel principles and life coaching tools to make your life exactly what YOU want it to be.

Working with Emily

I offer an 8 week 1:1 coaching program where you will create more peace in your parenting. You will believe that you are a good mom! (or up-level to believing you are a great/awesome/amazing mom)

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