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Deborah Thomas

Deborah Thomas

By the time you hit your 40’s, you thought you and your life would be different. You’ve done all the “right” things and intentionally created the life you have but you know there’s something “more” for you and your life. You’re not comfortable with the changes you’re experiencing and you don’t have a good attitude about the whole midlife thing. You feel unhappy, disconnected, and not like yourself anymore. Plus, you wonder if it’s too late for you to make changes, pursue new things, or find your “more.”

Every woman has a desire to feel good about herself, reach her potential, love her life, and create a future she can look forward to. To what I call . . . Create Your Extraordinary. It doesn’t mean perfection or a life free of adversity. It means defining your “more” and courageously going after it. It means living your truth guided by an elevated perspective, filled with faith, powered by confidence, and fueled by a powerful vision for your future regardless of your circumstances to create a life that is rich, meaningful, and most of all, extraordinary.

That’s what I help you do! The goal is not to change you but to change how you think, feel, and live so you can live your “more” in the second half of life. Your life, midlife and beyond, is filled with potential and possibility. It’s calling you! Time to answer the call, realize your brilliance, discover how to create a life that gives you goosebumps and a future you can look forward to! Because extraordinary belongs to those who create it!

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