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Deborah Thomas

Deborah Thomas

As a woman over 50, it can be difficult to navigate all the changes in yourself and your life. You may find yourself feeling . . .


Like you’ve lost touch with who you are and struggling to find yourself again.

Confused about what life means now.

Unfulfilled and lacking purpose.

Stuck, don’t know what you want, and unable to move forward.

Your future is like a blank screen with a buffering icon spinning in the center.


Who you were and the life you intentionally created has changed, and now, you find yourself wondering what’s next and if you’re supposed to just settle where you are. But settling means feeling empty, lost, and dissatisfied with your life. Deep inside, you know there’s more for you and your life, but you’re not sure what to do or how to start.


That’s where I come in! I help women over 50 achieve the clarity, confidence, and purpose they crave so they can stop settling for what life give them, start creating a life they love, and a future they can look forward to!


When you do you . . .

Achieve more clarity.

Gain deeper meaning.

Increase your confidence.

Discover newfound purpose.

And become empowered in midlife.


The goal is not to change you but to change how you think, feel, and live so you can thrive in the second half of life as the extraordinary woman you are!

Working with Deborah

No one teaches midlife women how to navigate this time of change and transition . . . until now! I invite you to connect with me on Facebook or Instagram and join my free Facebook Group, Midlife Women Over 50! Learn more about the Create Your Extraordinary Midlife Mastermind and schedule your free Discovery Session by clicking the website link below.

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