Davina Fear

It’s possible to live your life on your own terms and…

Stop living by rules, you don’t like, that keep you stuck and frustrated Stop letting your business’s success or failure take you on a roller coaster of emotion all the time  
Stop getting mad at your husband when he doesn’t do what you want him to do 
 Stop being so tired from having to fix all your kids’ problems

Start creating your own unapologetic, fiery awesomeness: 
 Give yourself luxurious, spacious time to yourself without guilt

Create the time for more scripture study and prayer instead of feeling burned out 
 Have an abundance of space in your life that makes you feel alive

Feel like your life is expansive and pleasurable


Be in a relationship with your spouse that lights you up

Have mind-blowing conversations (and sex) on the regular

Create a deeper, richer relationship with God 
 Build a business that makes you feel alive

Feel explosions of awesomeness about yourself and others

Stop waiting until later

Start living your unapologetic and infinitely awesome HECK YES life today

Book your free consult today. Let’s freaking get to it.

Working with Davina

Get on fire and live a HECK YES life! Start breaking your rules you keep defaulting to and feel explosions of your own awesomeness, be in more wonder and magic, do the things you always thought you would when you were younger and still haven’t. Now is the time! Let’s meet together for 45 minutes every week for six months and break some rules, blow your mind, be boldly unapologetic, and do some HECK YES magical stuff!

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