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Love. Serve. Empower.

Daelene Byam

I love teaching early morning seminary and life coaching full time. I have four boys, three who are now adults and a daughter-in-law.

My second son always struggled with anxiety. Now, after serving a mission, he is married, on the dean’s list in College and running his own business. All from working with a Life Coach.

I want your teen to be able to accomplish everything they want to. To finish High School, To go on a mission, to go to College. Whatever it is they want to do, I can help them accomplish that. While still feeling anxious. I know when we try and not feel anxious that is when we start feeling Anxious about being Anxious. That is why I work on teaching how to allow our feelings of anxiety to be there and teach the tools to be able to do the things your teen wants to accomplish. Once they stop fighting against those uncomfortable emotions they start to dissipate and become less.

If your teen is struggling with Anxiety then I am The Coach they need.

Working with Daelene

I offer a one on one program for 24 weeks, meeting weekly with your teen. I like the parents to book a parent strategy session with me first and then we can book a short meet up with your teen and I.

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