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Crystal Hansen

Crystal Hansen

Are you tired of contention and conflict? Do you feel disconnected from your spouse and wish for something better? You live more like roommates with two separate lives and less like a couple. Maybe divorce has even crossed your mind.

It is my passion as The Couples Conflict Coach™ to help women and couples learn how to pinpoint areas in their relationship that are creating conflict and contention so that they can learn how to create a marriage with deep meaningful connection, intimacy, and authenticity without losing who they are as individuals.

I know from personal experience that we do not have to keep repeating the same cycle of highs and lows over and over again. We don’t have to settle for finding joy in spite of it all. We don’t have to stay stuck.

As members of the church, we believe we came to this earth to experience joy and pain. And while discomfort is inevitable, suffering is optional. You and your marriage don’t have to suffer.






Working with Crystal

I work with women and couples 1:1 and small group coaching for women.

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