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Christine Cook

Christine Cook

Do you wish you could hear Him but don’t know how, and don’t want to be told to just read your scriptures? -Because you’ve tried that, and to be honest you don’t really like reading your scriptures. If you haven’t been praying or when you do pray you only feel guilt or resentment when you do. Or you feel like you’re not connecting to God and you want to, or that the spiritual part of your life its off. If you feel like you’re a disappointment to God which causes you to avoid Him.

Join me in my Surviving to Thriving Your LDS Faith Journey program. I help you to be able to connect with God again. If you want to be able to hear Him daily, if you want it to be easy because you’re done feeling overwhelmed. If you just want to feel peace, then my coaching program, Surviving to Thriving is the perfect place for you.

Working with Christine

I do private coaching one on one and I have a group coaching program.

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