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Cheree Murdock

Cheree Murdock

When I was a teenager I labeled myself as a wall flower.  That label didn’t really help me, in fact it created a lot more doubt in myself, contributed to very little self-confidence, few dates and not a whole lot of healthy social experiences.  I didn’t think I had any talents, and believed everyone else around me had everything figured out and knew where they fit in and how to succeed.
What I’ve learned since that truly helped me unlock my success and become the best version of me, and what I help my clients with today:

Labels rarely help us and in fact can keep us stuck.

Self-confidence is a learned and practiced skill. Also, having self-confidence can make all the difference.  Talk about a game changer!

Things happen for us, not to us.  When we recognize this, we learn how to live our very best life, and do it on purpose. This is when we truly learn to act instead of being acted upon.

Emotions are part of the human experience and when we understand this and how to process them, anxiety, stress, loneliness, sadness and embarrassment no longer have power over us.

We all have a mission and purpose and when we find out what it is, we step into our true identity and are unstoppable.

This is the perfect time.  Let me help unlock success in your YOUth and YOUng Adult!

Working with Cheree

I offer 6, 9, and 12 one-on-one coaching sessions that will help your teen/young adult unlock their success and do it on purpose with purpose.

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