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certified coach through the Life coach school

Chantel Allen

Chantel Allen

After suffering from anxiety and stress seizures several years ago, I learned ultimately that I didn’t need to get rid of my anxiety to stop suffering with it. I had tried all the tools of exercising, taking walks, breathing exercises, but it wasn’t until I understood WHAT created my anxiety that I was able to ultimately THRIVE with my anxiety.

Now I teach other moms how to understand and manage their emotions. My clients learn how to stop fearing their emotions, reconnect with their bodies and ultimately change their life. ¬†Judging yourself isn’t work. Resenting your anxiety isn’t working. Avoiding it isn’t working. I know how you can make the change and I know the you are capable of doing it. I can help you understand that emotions are not to run from, but to ALLOW to really create the life of your dreams.