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Love. Serve. Empower.

Cathi Chisholm

I am focused on helping women of any age “fill the measure of their creation” through harnessing sustainable, empowering fundamental habits. I am a 3 time certified Creation Coach and have a BS in Psychology. Using a combination of science, spirituality and traditional mental health tools is extremely effective in my coaching practice! My platform is To Cheer and To Bless where I create a safe place for women to feel seen, loved, empowered and with a sense of abundance to help them show up in their true identity in their lives.
I focus on small and simple fundamental systems that instead of depleting energy, consistently replenishes it.
If you want to see dramatic results without feeling exhausted and focusing on identity in line with gospel principles, come talk to me. We’ll be friends immediately!

Working with Cathi

I offer one on one, group and accountability group coaching. I love all types of connection.

Connect with Cathi