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Camille Scow

Camille Scow

I got certified as a life coach because of my journey to finding healing from the betrayal I felt because of my husband’s porn use. In a sense, I was initially addicted to his porn addiction! It was all I thought about!

Then I found coaching.

Coaching helped me separate my self-worth from my husband’s behavior, which was NOT easy. It wasn’t easy because I would often compare myself to what I imagined he was looking at without even realizing it. I also often blamed myself whenever he would have a slip-up. This was not a life I wanted.

I learned how to deeply love myself exactly as I am, and I learned what my emotions were trying to tell me. I gained awareness about what I was making my husband’s porn use mean about me, then I had the courage to change it. I also found a balance between my reality and my strong religious values.

The truth is, I probably could have made this transformation by myself, but having a guide has helped me live the life I WANT much, much sooner!

Working with Camille

I offer a 12 week coaching program to help women whose husband’s view pornography to truly believe they are enough.

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