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Cami Birdno

Cami Birdno

Learning self coaching tools has opened MY MIND to the POWER OF CHOICE and the POWER OF MY OWN VOICE. But that wasn’t enough to heal. I kept getting stuck. Adding systemic movement tools (such as somatic, polyvagal, chakra and subtle body energy flow exercises, along with inner child and trauma education) has opened MY BODY to the POWER OF TRUST and the POWER OF MY OWN BODY’S ABILITY TO RELEASE TRAUMA. In combining these tools, I am no longer stuck. I am healing and am now EMPOWERED TO CREATE anything in my own life.
Trauma informed mindset coaching alongside embodiment tools has made all the difference. I love that I get to now choose my healing path and offer hope and encouragement to others. Do you need hope and encouragement? If anything I’ve shared sounds like what you’ve been looking for to create different results in your life, and you’d like to learn more about how we can work together, I offer a free mini session focusing on your internal power.

Working with Cami

I offer 12 week one on one coaching programs to teach Top Down, Bottom Up and Sideways tools to help my clients understand, release and heal their trauma. I also offer 55 minute Embodiment sessions.

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