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Brigette Little

Brigette Little

Too many women live in shame over the shape of their bodies, and this is frequently compounded by the sense of failure they feel at not having succeeded at weight loss long term. They often don’t believe that it is possible to feel at peace with their bodies and trust themselves completely with food. The problem with traditional approaches to body image that focus on changing the body is that they rarely produce lasting results. I use proven and powerful coaching methods to get to the root of the self-criticism and help you find the relief and self respect you are seeking. We support that work with Intuitive Eating skills to help you and your body learn to trust each other again. We work on building emotional skills that give you effective alternatives to food when life get hard. We get good at recognizing the messages of the thin-centric culture we live in, and build a plan to navigate that in purposeful and intentional ways that preserve our peace. We separate health and appearance and learn to support our physical and mental health at the same time. We set amazing examples for our daughters. I am a firm believer that all bodies deserve respect, and that every woman has something unique to contribute. Seeing a client regain belief in her innate worth and free up her mindspace – regardless of the shape of her physical body – is the most fun thing I do as a coach.

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I offer 1:1 individualized coaching. Occasional free workshops are announced on my social media accounts.

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