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certified coach through the Life coach school

Bonny Scott

I know what it’s like to give “everything” you have to other people in the hopes that what you’re doing will make a difference. I kept looking outside of myself for validation of my worth, even though I believed that God loved me. I couldn’t see that, as a stepmother, I lived as an emotional victim. The pain of giving and giving without any recognition put strain on my family relationships and my self-esteem.

Finally I learned how to love myself and stop mentally berating all of my faults and weaknesses. I found that as I loved “me”, I began to love others more freely. My relationships (especially with my adult children) became more genuine and enjoyable. I can help you find true compassion for yourself so that you can mend your relationships and build self-confidence. I can help you trust yourself, make decisions and not beat yourself up once you have made them.

Working with Bonny

I meet with clients for 6 months (24 sessions), 50 minutes each over Zoom a video conferencing app

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