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Bonnie Butler

I’ve been a parent for over four decades now and a foster/adoptive parent for over two and a half decades. I’ve walked through valleys of sorrow and climbed mountains of joy, as well as everything in between with my kids. I admit there were times when I questioned what I had gotten myself into and why I was doing it.

I’m on the other side of hands-on parenting now and love being a grandparent. While grandkids are one of life’s greatest joys, I also find tremendous joy in helping other foster and adoptive parents find their way through the valleys and over the mountains of hands-on parenting. If you are in the midst of parenting and find yourself questioning what you’ve gotten yourself into and why you are doing this, I’d love to help you find your answer.

Working with Bonnie

I work one on one with clients and also teach group classes.

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