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Bob Smith

I am here before you today because of one reason…I was asleep in my life for 39 years and then had a massive awakening experience in 2016. This led to the end of my 17-year marriage and altered my life forever, and I want you to have the benefit of that. That painful moment took me to a crossroad of either sinking into self-destruction or really figuring out how to make my life what I want it to be. Thankfully, I chose door number 2.

And what was the result of that? Everything changed…and improved. Within a short timeframe, I had lost 27 pounds and was in much better condition than in my early 30s. I bought a beautiful place to live and have my kids. I had great bonding experiences with my kids. I established a great network of friends. I started a business (like I had dreamed of). I increased my net worth 600% and paid off my car. And I met, became engaged to, and have now married the love of my life. And I want to share this gift with you.

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I offer both 6-week and 12-week one-on-one coaching options as well as group programs.

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