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Bethany Lewis

Bethany Lewis

A concussion can make a huge impact on a person’s life. It can affect the nervous system, personality, and cause difficulty with vision, balance, cognition, driving, sleep, and ability to concentrate. Additionally, those with concussions and those who love them often are dealing with fear of re-injury, frustration with the pace of recovery, and questions about what the future will hold.

Concussion is often an invisible injury, without external evidence that others can easily see and understand. Therefore, people with concussions may not receive the mental, emotional, or physical support that they need from themselves or others.

As a neurological occupational therapist and life coach, I have a unique perspective that allows me to understand and empathize, offer ideas and tips to help manage and improve symptoms, and to give perspective and help people work through the fears and emotions that come along with this type of injury.

Working with Bethany

I offer an 8 or 12 week one-on-one coaching program to help people manage their symptoms, regulate their nervous system, know when to push or rest, and handle the mental & emotional parts of recovery.

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