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certified coach through the Life coach school

Beth Hillman

Beth Hillman

When your child is in crisis, you may be thinking “How in the world can I possibly focus on me right now!?” But if your child is in crisis, then you must start working on your own “way of being”  in order to help things go better.

I’m here to help you connect and understand your teen. Avoid reacting to their behavior. Gain clarity amid your emotions. Find perspective through the struggle, and experience progress in your relationships.

There is a way forward to help things go better. It is made with compassion, experience, training, and a strong belief that the same principles and tools that changed my life can change yours too. My own journey as a parent of 5 boys and my training has turned my pain into purpose, which is to now help you.

I work a lot with families transitioning home from wilderness therapy or other outpatient treatment centers. Give me a call if you have any questions.

Sign up for my complimentary session and let’s talk – because there’s no place like hope.

Working with Beth

I offer a 24-week education program for parents with scheduled weekly coaching calls. I am also available on an as-needed basis for crisis help.

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