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Becky Garner

Becky Garner

You’ve read the books. You’ve been to all the doctors. You’ve tried the medicine. You’ve changed your diet. You have received more advice than you can keep track of and nothing seems to help. You know your life can be so much more. That you are capable of so much more. But no matter how hard you try nothing seems to stick. You just feel stuck the way you are.

I promise you, I get it. I really do. I spent my life looking outside of myself for what was “wrong with me.” Questioning my hormones, my brain chemistry, and my past. Wondering why I was so different from everyone else. It wasn’t until I met a Life Coach that EVERYTHING changed for me.

Through coaching, I recovered from 30 years of body hate, and a 14-year addiction to prescription pain pills. I improved my chronic pain, learned to love myself, ditched my depression, befriended my anxiety, and started living the most amazing life!

If I can do it, anyone can.

I would LOVE to guide you on that journey.




Working with Becky

I work with my clients one to one, offering a customized experience that is unique to their situation.

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