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Annette Jones

Annette Jones

Many of the beliefs and tendencies we’ve acquired throughout our lives are a result of our innocent, inexperienced minds trying to make sense of the world and keep us safe. People pleasing, perfectionism, resisting emotions, avoiding conflict, judging ourselves and others—these are just a few of the coping mechanisms we use to protect ourselves emotionally and seek after the love, attention, and validation we crave. But the protective armor that helped us feel safe when we were young is the very thing that sabotages our relationships, our health, our success, our faith, our confidence, and our happiness as adults.

I help my clients change the limiting beliefs and habits that are holding them back and turn their midlife crisis into a time of purpose and possibility! As children of God, we were born with amazing resources to be the creators of our lives, but most of us were never taught how to fully utilize them. I teach my clients how to master tools and strategies that empower them to become architects of their own life experience. Ready to create something extraordinary? I’ll show you how to love where you are now, and get excited about what’s possible for your future!

Working with Annette

I currently offer private, one-on-one coaching packages. Sessions are once a week for one hour via Zoom. I also offer individual monthly classes/group coaching via Zoom.

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