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Amy Watson

Hey friend. If you’re here, I’m so sorry for the loss of your precious baby(ies). I know the pain of babyloss myself. My daughter Lauren was stillborn at full term and River we lost at 14 weeks. The heartbreak of saying goodbye before you really got to say hello is unique, and you need a coach who gets it. I’ve spent more than a decade grieving, healing and supporting loss families through their toughest times.

I believe that life after loss is more than just sadness. You’re still a mom, a wife, you’ve got goals and things to do! You want to live a life that honors your baby but you’re not sure how. I’ve got you. You’re safe here. You don’t have to explain anything.

Whether you join my LIFT program for life after loss or my Pregnancy After Loss Peace program, you will feel so much more confident. You’ll know how to take care of your heart, your relationships will be better and most of all, you’ll have the exact support you need. I can’t wait to meet you.

Working with Amy

My LIFT program helps you get through your grief and find hope again. My Pregnancy after loss Peace program helps you stop holding your breath so you can bond with your baby. Both are 3 months 1-on-1

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