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Amy Langford

Amy Langford

I offer customized one-on-one coaching to empower and reset your relationships!  It does not matter if it is your relationship with your self, spouse, child, body, or food- the tools and process are the same! 

We will take a deep dive into your thoughts and beliefs to see if they are supporting your growth or holding you back.  We will identify where you are seeking validation from others and how to build a strong sense of self because you are the constant in every relationship. We will uncover how you have agency to choose in every circumstance and situation.  And we will talk about integrity and finding what’s true for you.

Your relationships matter!  You matter!  Let’s get started today.

Working with Amy

Through my one-on-one coaching, I can teach you the tools to move from stuck to thriving in your relationships in 6 week or 12 week coaching packages.

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