Amy Elkins

So many times we feel stuck.  Stuck in our relationships, stuck in a job, stuck in friendships, ultimately stuck in who we are.  We feel like there is more to us, but we end up frustrated in not being able to figure out how to achieve our potential.  And confused in even figuring out what we want and who we really are.

I have discovered that there are so many options right in front of us that we can’t even see because our brains are just trying to be efficient by allowing us limited options from the mass of information that is available to us.  Or our brain is just protecting us from new things that it sees as the danger of the unknown.

We don’t even realize that we can question so many of these beliefs that have felt like facts for so long.  I can help you be aware of these, see beyond them, and choose to move forward into who you are meant to be.

Working with Amy

I offer a 12 week one on one coaching program to empower clients to see and take advantage of the opportunities that are already in front of them.

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