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Amanda Louder

Amanda Louder

Never in the mood for sex?

Are you tired of your husband wanting sex, while you’re never in the mood? Maybe you’ve had a long day at work or taking care of kids. Maybe you just aren’t feeling connected to your husband right now. Or maybe you’ve never or rarely had an orgasm and don’t see the point if you don’t enjoy it. Whatever the reason, I want to help you LOVE your sex FOR YOU!

I believe that sex and intimacy are an integral part of your eternal identity and your marriage. Unfortunately, many of the messages we received about our bodies and sex in our youth were shame promoting. At the same time, we weren’t taught how to integrate this God-given part of ourselves into our daily lives and our spiritual selves.

I love to help women uncover their underlying beliefs about themselves, their bodies, and sex so that they can fully embrace and enjoy this important part of themselves. I help them learn more about how their body experiences pleasure. To be comfortable with their sexuality. I teach how pleasurable sexuality can bring women closer to their true self, their spouse and their Heavenly Parents.

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