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Amanda Turner

Amanda Turner

“I’m a fun-loving, mother of four children who loves a good book, an intense class of BodyCombat, a putter in the vegetable garden, and a healthy dose of mindset work. My journey into becoming a Mindset and Weight-loss Coach was one of self-improvement and discovery. Several years ago, I started to feel there was something missing in my life–some role that would allow me to find personal growth while helping others to do the same. I eventually found and fell in love with Life and Weight-loss Coaching. I love the opportunity coaching provides to help people discover the cause of their current results (or non-results) and build the healthy thoughts and feelings needed on their path to achieving their goals. It is my pleasure to guide the journey of change and self-cultivation with my clients. Be ready to discover the future-you with the goal-achieving mindset we will cultivate together.”

Working with Amanda

I offer a 6-week weight-loss program for busy moms who feel like they don’t have time or energy to focus on their health. With my program, they will lose weight and have all the tools for maintenance

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