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Alicia Hall

You’ve been taught, “the worth of souls is great in the sight of God”, so why don’t you feel this way? With voices inside your head saying, “I need to do more” or “I should be better” but despite your best efforts you keep falling short.

Suffering in silence, you understood you’ve had some traumatic experiences to heal from and finally got up the courage to try therapy. It was helpful but you still walked away feeling completely powerless to the behavior of others. Worried that there might be something wrong with you, pretending to be “OK” felt like your only option.

Having been there myself, I created a coaching program that is centered around helping woman rediscover their true value through the application of powerful mindset and healing tools I’ve learned. These tools not only gave me back control over how I experience my life, but they allowed me to forgive and more permanently heal from toxic and abusive relationships.

I specialize in helping my clients heal the root cause of your pain and suffering, so you can tune in to your great worth, deepen your connection with Christ, and live with true confidence.

Working with Alicia

I offer a 4-month coaching program with live meditation calls, sixteen personal coaching sessions, and lesson modules with worksheets so you can personally apply the tools in transforming your life.

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